LNDR’s ‘I’m Eeeasy’ is Kinda a Big Deal

Everyone who knows me knows that I have soft spot for activewear. I spend most of expendable income on it. I live 95% of my life in it. I take it really seriously because I just really really love it.

I think of myself as a bit of a collector now and the more I invest, the more I pay attention to what I really love (and in rare cases dislike) about the pieces I own. With age, I have also grown more opinionated and particular. I don’t have time for see-through leggings, loose waistbands and plastic fabric. I don’t have patience for pieces that breakdown in the wash and never look the same again. No, I don’t want to look like everyone else and I definitely don’t want waste my money.

LNDR I'm Eeeasy

I want quality. Style. Innovation. I want activewear that feels and looks as good on my skin as it does on a website. I want something durable enough to sweat in and sleek enough to wear on a day out. I want to wear something that I can love for years to come. Something that will stand the test of time.

So I’m back with another LNDR review. Because it just keeps getting better.

And I’ll admit, I don’t really know how that’s possible because I was sure their Soft Touch and Better Than Naked lines were the pinnacle of quality activewear, but it just hasn’t stopped there. All the better for us — these are, without a doubt, my new favourite pieces.

‘I’m Eeeasy’ is the real MVP.

I’ll break down all of the details, but for those of you who just want the highlights, here is what you need to know: the colour is gorgeous, the fit is perfection, the design elements are on point, the jacket is surprisingly versatile and the fabric…. The fabric is going to change your life my friends.

If you need no convincing, here are the outfit details (and links): I’m wearing the Sprinter Jacket, Sunday Legging, and Studio Marl Sports Bra all in the colour ‘Cabernet Marl’. Happy shopping!

For the rest of you… Here’s what you need to know.

LNDR Sprinter Jacket in Cabernet Marl

Repeat after me… I’m Eeeasy

Jokes aside, this fabric is the real deal. It’s soft — velvety even — luxurious, yet cozy. It’s what I would imagine designer sweat pants must feel like, but more flattering… ‘I’m Eeeasy’ is the fabric you’d want to wear on a long haul flight, a casual jaunt to the grocery store, your favourite barre class, a date with your couch, a Sunday afternoon on the town, or the sweatiest HIIT session of your week.

The Fabric is…

LNDR I'm Eeeasy Cabernet Marl

The nicest things I have ever worn on my skin ever. Sweat wicking. Quick drying. Perfect for people who don’t sweat at all or people like me — those who sweat more than equivalent of three men in desert sun. I’ve now worked out in this set multiple times and while it does show my sweat marks (again purely because of how much I sweat), I have found that within 10 minutes after a workout they’ve disappeared.

It’s just as durable and soft after multiple washes as is when you first bring it home. And while the fabric is technically designed for studio workouts, it’s far more versatile than that. Take it from me. I’ve worn it as a base layer, during spin and HIIT workouts, around the house and out and about. Like I said… it’s the best.

It’s also worth noting that the fabric is made from 42% recycled polyester. And while that’s a big deal, LNDR remain committed to improving the sustainability of their brand moving forward.

The Pieces are…

In a word: classic. But make it three: Versatile. Lasting.

LNDR I'm Eeeasy

The Sprinter Jacket was the piece I was most surprised by. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it because I tend to avoid zip-ups and long-sleeved pieces in favour of items I wear more regularly: leggings and sports bras. But, I have to say, I have really enjoyed having a sleek jacket for the autumn and winter seasons. It has been great for outdoor workouts and as a layering pieces under a puffy jacket. Some of my favourite features of the jacket include its high neck and high-quality zipper that you can do and undo with one hand (lush). I also love the hidden pockets, seam details and back vents. It’s form fitting and tailored and a great piece to add if you’re lacking something you can throw on for a run this time of year.

Top tip: if you’re between sizes, size down! The back is cut just a bit looser and I felt an XS would have fit me slightly better.

The Studio Marl Sports Bra is identical to the shape and cut of the Studio Sports Bra, which I love. Call me a traditionalist, but there is nothing better than a racerback. It’s easy to get on and off, it’s super flattering on the back and, in the case of the Studio/Studio Marl sports, it’s perfectly supportive. As I said in my last LNDR review, the shape of this bra is my favourite thing about this piece. The v-cut is just deep enough to make it feel sexy, but not so deep that it’s impractical to train in. I’m a 32DD and have no problem going between burpees and mountain climbers in it. Plus, the waist band holds you in without leaving marks, so you can wear it all. day. long.

For reference, I wear a size small and find that it runs true to size.


Lastly, the Sunday Legging has to be one of the most flattering pair of leggings out there. The waist band sits just high enough on your stomach that it holds you in, but not so high that it consumes your entire torso (a big pet peeve of mine). The fabric is supportive without making you feel squeezed; I enjoy compression but there are limits… MORE IMPORTANTLY, the Sunday Leggings have a hidden phone pocket which is possibly the best news. If there was one thing I missed in my other LNDR leggings, it was that.

Top tip: Opt for a size down in these — they seem to run bigger!

Final thoughts…

Have I mentioned his is my favourite set? It’s the perfect colour for the season; it’s super versatile, flattering on a range of bodies and comfortable AF. It’s a GREAT gift for activewear enthusiasts too, so if you’re stumped for Christmas, I highly recommend!

LNDR is the kind of brand that never disappoints and continues to redefine functional, luxury, innovative workout gear and I CAN’T WAIT to see what they do next.

Cristina x