An Airbnb Rebrand & Website Build: The Tuscan Country Home

Airbnb Rebrand

I ran a branding workshop and designed a website for a California-based Bed & Breakfast owner who was looking to get clear on what was unique about their offering and how they could better communicate that to potential guests. The result was a powerful Airbnb rebrand. To learn more about Oh yes! Consulting, click here. To visit the Tuscan Country home, click here.

Growing a business can be challenging in the best of times, but finding and converting your ideal consumer in the Vacation Rental market during high season is another proposition entirely.

Why rebrand?

Over the course of three years, the Tuscan Country Home had steadily increased its business, drawing guests from nearby California cities and beyond. With over 100 reviews and a 5-Star rating across multiple booking platforms, the B&B was well positioned to have its most profitable season yet.

To make this a reality, a clear and defined strategy was needed to help distinguish the B&B from its competitors and drive bookings through the summer season when competition is particularly high.

The solution?

Become the top choice for discerning travellers by offering the premium, restorative and carefully curated guest experience of a 5-star hotel with all of the comforts of home.

How will the Tuscan Country Home stand out from local competition and increase bookings?

In short, through messaging and positioning. I completely re-vamped the tone of voice and focus of the messaging to emphasise the core values of the business. I also clearly highlighted the standout amenities and services that make the B&B experience at the Tuscan Country Home truly one-of-a-kind. These changes were rolled out across the hosting platforms the B&B uses to generate bookings and are being integrated into their social media strategy.

For example, opening website copy was updated from:

Come relax in my warm and inviting Tuscan Country Home located in the country setting of Watsonville. The house is inspired by my Italian heritage and offers a welcoming hideaway and central access to Santa Cruz and Monterey. Stay for a cozy evening respite or a long weekend to soak up the majestic redwoods, bask in the sun on one of the many local beaches, or venture between dozens of local attractions. Visit us on Instagram for more pictures and guest stories: @tuscancountryhome.

To something punchier, more tailored to the values and offerings of the B&B, that explicitly highlights points of differentiation from the competition:

The Tuscan Country home offers guests a one-of-a-kind escape from the hustle and bustle of life, complete with excellent service, the amenities of a 5-star hotel, and all of the comforts of home. Our purpose is to provide an unforgettable and restorative, guest-first experience.

Ideally located between Santa Cruz and Monterey, California, the Tuscan Country Home is situated on two acres of land with fruit trees and local wildlife, and is 10 minutes from the beach. From the outdoor jacuzzi tub and organic breakfast bar, to the spa robes and plush bedding, every detail of a guest’s stay has been carefully thought through to cultivate the perfect space to unwind.

I am on site daily to advise on local destinations, help guests organise activities and offer additional experiences including wine tastings and dinners. 

I will go above and beyond for our guests because quality is at the heart of everything we do.  

Visit us on Instagram for more pictures and guest stories: @tuscancountryhome.

How did I do it?

To launch the airbnb rebrand, I hosted an hour and a half workshop that took the owner through a series of exercises designed to help her clarify her core values, consider her strengths and key opportunities, and map out her ideal customer.

What could be a difficult, isolating process, was made collaborative and even fun. Overall, it was an extremely thought-provoking experience.

– Denise, The Tuscan Country Home

From the insights gathered in the workshop, I produced a brand bible that clarified the B&B’s unique selling points and positioned it to appeal to the owner’s core customer base.

The brand bible is now the owner’s playbook for how to message and grow her business further. It has provided her the tools she needs to position her B&B ahead of the competition, appealing to new customers and ensuring her guests return, time and time again.

Interested in a branding workshop?

If you have any questions about the airbnb rebrand, or for more information on Oh yes! Consulting check out my services page or feel free to contact me with an enquiry.

You can view more case studies from other branding workshops I have conducted by visiting my portfolio.

If you’d like to learn more about the team behind the Oh yes! Consulting you can visit me and my partner, Rory, on LinkedIn. I am a Senior Account Manager with Global Communications agency and Rory is a Strategic Partnerships Manager at a London Consulting and Technology company.

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