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Branding Workshop & Brand Bible

Whether you’re in need of a re-brand or you’re starting from scratch, we’ll work with you to get to the core of your business and service offering to define your future brand, reach your ideal customer, and stand out from the competition.

Social Media Workshops

Unsure of how to position your brand on social media? We’ll help you take your existing brand and build out a content strategy that capitalises on opportunities to improve your social media presence and reach your ideal customer.


We’ll bring your brand to life and communicate effectively with your target audience. From website copy, to social media posts, newsletters and everything in between, we’ll work with you to provide copy that gets at the heart of your brand purspose.

Content Creation

We understand how critical creative representation is when it comes to resonating with your audience and effectively conveying your brand story. We’ll work with you to create engaging content including everything from building your website to designing a suite of social media templates.

Case Studies

An Airbnb Rebrand

A California-based Bed & Breakfast owner was looking to get clear on what was unique about their offering and how they could better communicate that to potential guests. The result was a powerful Airbnb rebrand.

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Building a Chiropractor’s Brand & Website

A Chiropractor was looking to build her new practice from the ground up. We helped her define the brand’s look and feel, hone the key messaging and craft the company narrative. This work was foundational to the website build, social media strategy and suite of assets we ultimately delivered.

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Working with Cristina was the creative equivalent of having a brilliant therapist who helps you expand your life and business beyond your wildest dreams. Her ability to listen to the heart of what you do allows her to guide your brand in a way that captures the essence of your passion as a business. She is truly a creative genius. Her work is timeless.’

— Jess, Elevado Chiropractic

‘The workshop and its outputs were extremely useful for us as a new brand. The narrative, taglines and brand values eloquently captured our vision for the podcast and laid a solid foundation on which to build. No matter how shrewd you are in business, branding is an art onto itself.’

— Berivan & Sophie, Currently Thinking Podcast

Ready to elevate your business and reach your ideal customer?

Oh yes! Consulting Co-Founder: Cristina

Co-Founder: Cristina Stief

Cristina is a Senior Account Manager, specialising in Social & Innovation at a global communications agency. She excels at helping brands define their digital strategy and translating this into actionable next steps. At the heart of what Cristina loves most about her work is storytelling — ensuring that her clients share compelling content, with an authentic tone of voice, in the right places.

Coming from a family of small business owners, Cristina is passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs flourish and thrive.

Rory Blackshaw

Co-Founder: Rory Blackshaw

Rory is a Principal at a global management consulting and strategy firm, and specialises in helping businesses prepare for the future. He enjoys working with his clients to break down business problems and align their organisational strategy to their goals and objectives.

Rory and Cristina believe that due to their broad experience and varied backgrounds, they can help businesses stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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