Branding a Podcast

I ran a branding workshop for the founders of a new podcast that tackles questions on policy, philosophy, the economy and business. The challenged they faced? What to name and how to message their brand in order to appeal to their ideal listener, foster critical discourse and inspire change. I crafted their brand messaging and narrative, and provided them with the foundation upon which they could build their visual brand. To learn more about Oh yes! Consulting click here.

Launching a podcast is a feat unto itself, let alone establishing one that tackles complicated economic, political and philosophical questions. For the women behind the podcast, Currently Thinking, reaching their core audience in a highly competitive market, is only half the battle. The broader challenge? Establishing the core tenants of their brand narrative and values to give structure to their content and a foundation to their growth strategy.

Branding From Scratch

Debate around some of the most consequential challenges facing society today is often reserved for elite, predominantly white men. As two women with Master’s degrees in Political Economy, the co-founders of Currently Thinking believe it’s time to challenge the status quo and democratise the discourses and practices that bring about change. With a new platform dedicated to policy analysis, difficult questions, a broad spectrum of people and perspectives, they aim to equip their listeners with the tools to affect change.

To get started, the aspiring podcasters needed a clearly defined narrative and set of values, as well as a better understanding of their ideal customer to help inform their name, messaging, and overall strategy.

The solution?

Build a brand bible that can be used as a road map for the podcast’s journey, a foundation to articulate its purpose to listeners, investors and followers, and a compass for growth opportunities.

How did I build and deliver Currently Thinking’s brand bible?

I started with a 3 hour workshop that was a deep dive into their purpose and vision for the podcast. I facilitated a SWOT analysis of their business, giving close consideration to the challenges they faced around subject matter and how that might impact on their ideal listener.

Following the workshop, I wrote the podcast’s brand bible, which included: a defined tone of voice and company narrative, suggested podcast names and taglines, an elevator pitch for potential investors and other key messages.

The workshop and its outputs were extremely useful for us as a new brand. The narrative, taglines and brand values eloquently captured our vision for the podcast and laid a solid foundation on which to build. No matter how shrewd you are in business, branding is an art onto itself.

Berivan & Sophie, Currently Thinking

The brand bible has founded the basis of their content strategy, providing them the tools they need to launch to their podcast and convey its significance to potential listeners.

Interested in a branding workshop?

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