Social Media: Why I Am Still Here and My Pledge To You

Social Media: Why I Am Still Here and My Pledge To You

Life is full of moments that test our resolve. They might force us to do some introspection, to question not only what drives us, but how we define success. We might ask ourselves whether what we’re doing make us happy or whether it’s time to rethink our strategy. We might decide to stay the course or re-evaluate our priorities.

Likes, Comments, Followers… Fuck It.

To be perfectly candid, over the past several months, I have felt tested. I have felt unsettled.

I have questioned whether my persistent presence on this platform continues to serve a purpose that not only makes me proud, but adds value to the digital space and the lives of those who occupy it.

If I looked solely at the numbers, falling engagement rates and follower counts, the answer would be No. No, because the numbers don’t validate me and my voice, me and my image the way they once did. No, because the images and the captions getting the attention aren’t the ones with me in, aren’t my words, aren’t my story.

But they aren’t even who I want to be.

So, I ask myself, what is it I’m fighting for? Why am I still here and why do I choose to stay? How am I defining my success in this space?

Why I am Still Here.

My answer goes something like this: Irrespective of the numbers, no matter the lack of external validation, I have thoughts, feelings and a story worth sharing. I am fighting for myself and everyone else who has struggled to find their voice – whether publicly or privately – because I believe that in having the courage to share our experience, strength and hope, we can build each other up and live more fulfilled, happier existences.

My Pledge to YOU.

My pledge to you is this: I will continue to be honest, on good days and bad. I will answer your questions, respond to your comments and do my very best to make sure you feel valued and heard. I will ask for your input and share your insights. I will remain teachable and curious. I will not cheat the (undemocratic) system to grow my channel. I will not apologise for my body. I will not apologise for my point of view. I will not let numbers dictate who I am and what I believe. I will not apologise for sharing my truth. I will not let my fear of other people’s opinions influence the content I create, the words I write, the images I share.

I will be here for you. If you’re looking for a good workout, if you’re looking for a fun outfit, if you’re looking for hope and camaraderie, I will be here. For you.

Happy Friday friends. Thanks for being here.


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    Thankks for this

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