Weekend Recap and 9 Fun Things — From Devon! (Again)

Weekend Recap and 9 Fun Things — From Devon! (Again)

Rory spent 10+ hours driving between Devon and London yesterday. He went home to check on our plant babies and pick up some essentials because we’re going to be in Devon for at least another two weeks – maybe longer. Our cheese plants were looking really droopy so he brought them down here so we can care for them properly.

Meanwhile, I fell off a stool no less than 3 minutes into my workout and injured my wrist. I’m so lucky it wasn’t worse and I will probably never do step-ups on anything other than a proper bench from now on. Lesson learned!

In other news, I wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who took the time to read and respond to my blog post about weight gain, eating disorders, and food. I got way more messages than I had anticipated from people saying they not only related, but had worried about having similar conversations with their partners. Just remember that if your partner should love you for who you are, not just how you look.

And on that note, let’s jump into the 9 fun things from around the internet this week:

1. If you’ve been wearing sweats all week and/or had mixed feelings about the colour purple…

Mindy Kaling’s ‘Facetime With Friends‘ outfit is going to change your life. I am obsessed.

I would expect nothing less from the the editors of Vogue — Kate Phelan is a bit of me right now.

2. If you have been a little bit hard on your body this week…

Mali (@herlifeonmars) shared a love letter to her body that made me want to write my own.

3. If you’re in need of a new book…

I am in love with Claire Lombardo’s break out novel, The Most Fun We Ever Had. It’s beautifully written and all about family dynamics. If you enjoyed Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections, you’ll love this.

4. If yOu’re In need of anxiety relief and not a fan of yoga, meditation, breath work…

Bust out your coloured pencils and colouring books – it’s time to be 5 again. No but seriously, colouring is incredibly relaxing and meditative without being in your face. I love Millie Marotta’s colouring books – they are intricate and diverse, so you definitely won’t get bored.

5. If you’re in the market for a hammock…

You’ll want this one and you’ll definitely want it in your bedroom.

6. If you want better skin on a budget…

Get on Beaty Pie (no but for real… did you watch my IG stories yesterday?) and order these two products first:

A. Dr. Glycolic Micropeeling Pads
B. Japanfusion Supreme Cream

Don’t forget to use my referral code for your first month free

7. If you’re dreams feel really vivid right now…

Here’s why: via The Cut

8. If you want to have your cake (and eat it too)…

You can download the May edition of British Vogue for free RN!

9. If you need to feel empowered…

Spend a powerful 18 minutes with Rupi Kaur and reclaim your body with Rupi Kaur.


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