Boscastle and Tintagel in Photos

Boscastle and Tintagel in Photos

A few weeks ago, Rory and I ventured south west from Devon to explore the Cornish coast in Boscastle and Tintagel. It was nothing short of an unforgettable day escaping from the rain, chasing the sun, and venturing along some of the UK’s most beautiful coastline.

Below is our day in photos and each one makes me smile! I hope you enjoy this photo diary x


Not to Miss in Boscastle

  1. The views — walk to end of the road and keep walking. The trail winds around the cliffs and the views are stunning
  2. Don’t let the rain deter you, just go prepared.
  3. Eat at The Rocket Store. Genuinely. It’s a three table restaurant and the food is impeccable.


Not to Miss in Tintagel

  1. The Views (obviously). We timed it well and caught the beach as the sun was starting to drop. The lighting was perfect. Allow 2 hours minimum to walk around and take in the sights.
  2. The beach. Between Merlin’s cave and the waterfall, the beach is not something you want to skip. I wore wellies and I did not regret my choice of footwear.
  3. The museum. It’s small and quick to go through and the history of the castle and headland is really interesting even for us non history buffs.

Hope you enjoyed this photo diary! If you have any questions about visiting Boscastle or Tintagel, let me know in the comments! x

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