Weekend Recap And 9 Fun Easter things!

Weekend Recap And 9 Fun Easter things!

We were supposed to be in NOLA for a friend’s wedding this weekend but, like the rest of the world, fate had other plans.

Luckily the Devon sun gods blessed us with unexpectedly good weather this holiday weekend — the last two days of which have coincided with me feeling the most ‘me’ I have felt in months. Coincidence or not, the sun has been most welcome. We were fortunate to get out for an Easter run this morning just before it ducked behind clouds for the rest of the day.

I won’t pretend my mood has not dropped substantially since, which makes me think that my happiness may hinge more on the availability of sunshine than healthy for someone who lives in a notoriously grey, dreary country… LUCKILY, the internet is full of contrastingly cheery, sickly pastel, but super fun Easter themed stuff right now so no need to dwell on the lack of sun.

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1. If you love pattern, colour, maximalism and influencers with a message…

I highly recommend following Rosanna Falconer whose passion for pattern, colour and maximalism touches every part of her life including the clothes she wears, the tables she sets and the goodies she bakes. She also just recently gave birth to an adorable child, which means she’s now a super vibrant and inspirational mum. Anyway, her Easter Tablescape and marbled biscuits are going to be added to Pinterest STAT in preparation for next year.

2. If you don’t take egg-decorating too seriously…

Check out these lovely quarantine eggs that definitely capture the spirit of the moment (source unknown).

3. If you love baby animals…

Just look at how cute these baby lambs are! We passed them on our run today and I couldn’t help but stop to chat.

4. If you’re into a bit of trivia Easter style…

If you’re into a bit of trivia, Good Housekeeping dropped some interesting Easter facts, including that back in 1953 it took 27 hours to make one peep. Thank god we figured out mass production…

5. If you’re curious about what therapists are thinking right now (not Easter, but timely!)…

This Man Repeller article breaks it down.

6. If you’re in to edible flowers and pretty baked goods…

First of all, Charlotte Jacklin’s blog is nothing short of beautiful. Go look at it just for the pictures and while you’re at it, check out her post about three ways to use edible flowers. Her recipes include biscuits, a a flower cake, and beautiful flower cocktails that are just in time for spring.

7. If you love carrot cake…

While we’re on the subject of beautiful blogs and recipes I definitely want to make, have you ever encountered EyeSwoon? Athena’s sense of design is mind boggling, but her recipes are equally inspiring. This Carrot Cake Trifle looks delectable and is on my list of desserts to make ASAP. I have already pinned it!

8. If you’re already aware of the magic of carrots and peanut butter…

Man Repeller tested the weirdest food pairings (including carrots and peanut butter and grilled cheese and banana sandwiches) and the results are in. Read on to find out whether they gave Doritos and Funfetti a thumbs up or thumbs down.

9. If you need something a little more serious to ponder…

One of my favourite bloggers @herlifeonmars frequently writes about mental health, self-worth, body image and I usually relate entirely to her words. Every. single. time… Unsurprisingly, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her most recent post. Let me know if it speaks to you.

I hope you have a fantastically fun Easter,

Finally… a few more cute animals. You’re welcome.



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  1. Denise Rossi
    April 13, 2020 / 10:25 pm

    Very inspiring post !! Thank you for all your great insights , wisdom and creative foodies . Added so much JOY to my day ๐Ÿ˜ƒ!
    Youโ€™re awesome ๐Ÿ‘

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