How To Grow Your Pinterest Audience By 20K

how to grow your pinterest Curious to know how to grow your Pinterest audience from 2K to 22K in less than 3 weeks? You’re about to find out.

But first… WHY Pinterest?

This year I really want to focus on my blog — writing content, optimising content, increasing traffic, growing my subscribers (subscribe!).

So, in my free time, I’m learning about SEO and other ways to grow my audience, including using Pinterest to drive traffic to my website. Which is exactly the answer to the why Pinterest question. It’s a great way to get your visual content seen and drive traffic to your website.

Although I’m only a few weeks into a new strategy with a lot left to learn, my Pinterest stats are literally blowing my mind right now. I’ve increased my audience by 1,695%. I’ve increased my engagement rate by 1,476%. AND, my impressions are up 1,900%. BONKERS right?

So how did I grow my Pinterest audience so quickly? 

First of all, I have Hayley (Studio Break the Loop) to thank. Her Pinterest Growth Guide opened my eyes to the untapped potential of the platform and got me stuck in. I’m now fully committed, so I highly recommend downloading that to get started. In the meantime, there are a few easy things you can do today to grow your audience on Pinterest and start driving traffic to your website. 

How To Grow Your Pinterest Audience: The Steps

1. Switch to a Pinterest Business account

2. Curate Pinterest boards that make sense for your brand

3. Clearly name and categorise your boards 

4. Pin 20+ new pins each day 

5. Make your web content pin-able

6. Claim your website in Pinterest and authorise automatic posts (this will allow Pinterest to create pins from your website automatically)

7. Claim your Instagram in Pinterest and similarly authorise automatic posts  

Hayley’s guide explains this in more depth, but the Pinterest algorithm will prioritise Pins you create over other re-pins, so it’s really key that you start creating your own. I would recommend letting Pinterest do this for you automatically if you can because my numbers have improved significantly since I stopped creating pins manually. 

Two questions: Which of these tips was most helpful and do you love Pinterest as much as I do?

If so, can I follow you?! Share your Pinterest handle with me and don’t forget to subscribe!

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    Hey girl! My Pinterest is Honestlyem! Your amazing!

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