Better Than Lululemon? Why LNDR Activewear Should Be Your New Go-To

As someone who spends a significant proportion of my income on activewear and owns more Lululemon leggings and sports bras than socks and underwear, I like to think of myself as something of an expert when it comes to workout clothes.

So when LNDR asked me to review some of their pieces I said YES!

If you don’t want to read the full review, know this: I have fallen in love with their activewear. It isn’t just beautiful, it’s top quality and I don’t say this lightly but…

LNDR is my new Lululemon.

Here’s why…

I have a downright love affair with premium, yet functional activewear.

Functional is the operative word here though because, while there is no shortage of beautifully sleek and expensive activewear out there (PE Nation, Varley, Alo, etc.), there are few brands that tick ALL of the boxes: design, quality, fabric AND function.

Yes, I want it to look good, but I also want to be able to sweat through my leggings and have them dry without marks. I want to be able to jump up and down doing burpees without the waistband slipping. I want to be able to squat without my skin showing through. I want to be able to wear my leggings high-waisted without getting a raging camel toe. NONE of this feels like too much to ask of fitness kit, you know what I mean?

And I know you guys agree with because when I took an extensive poll last week, this is what you said matters most when it comes to investing in activewear:

  • Quality (Skin-feel, breathability, durability)
  • Performance (squat proof, sweat resistant, fit)
  • Design (style, colour, seams/pockets, innovation)
  • Price

I am on near constant lookout for activewear that ticks the aforementioned boxes and holds up under the sweatiest, most challenging workouts.

Which is exactly why I’m so excited about LNDR.

It’s comparable in price to other premium brands, but excels beyond the competition when it comes to quality, performance and design.

Let’s get into it. Here are the products I tested:

  1. The STUDIO Sports Bra & Leggings in LNDR’s new ‘SOFT TOUCH’ fabric
  2. The LNDR AERO.01 Sports Bra from their CORE Seamless range
  3. The LNDR Limitless Legging in their ‘BETTER THAN NAKED’ fabric

Outfit #1: The LNDR STUDIO Bra & Leggings

Quality [Fabric + Care]

Let me just say, I love this outfit. I love the colour (dark green). I love the design. Most of all, I LOVE the fabric. If you’re into sweaty workouts and have a thing for super soft fabric then, girl, this set is for you.


The older I get, the more the feeling of fabric against my skin seems to matter to me. I have had to get rid of so many pairs of leggings because I can no longer stand the plastic-y, scratchy feeling of certain materials. What I love about LNDR’s SOFT TOUCH fabric is that it’s brushed and super smooth. It’s as soft to the touch as it is against your skin.

And don’t even get me started on the fabric’s breathability.

LNDR STUDIO Sports Bra & Leggings

I didn’t know fabric this soft and breathable existed. You know me — I’m a sweat machine. When I work out, I look like I’ve been standing in the shower. EVERY INCH of my body is covered in sweat. Which means… sweat wicking fabric is my best friend. And there are A LOT of brands out there that claim to be sweat wicking. But in my experience, most fabrics that claim to be sweat wicking tend to leave a sweat ring as they dry. NOT CUTE.

What I love about this set is that it dries quickly and leaves no trace of sweat stains. AND, it’s a rich dark colour, which is great for women who are a bit shy about sweat marks to begin with.


In terms of durability and care, I treat this set as I treat all of my workout gear. I wash it on a delicate, cold water cycle with like colours (keeping workout clothes together). I hang dry the items and do not use fabric softener. So far, this kit has gone through 4+ washes and it has shown no signs of compromise.

Design [Style + Innovation]

So the fabric is INCREDIBLE, yes, but have you seen a more elegant set?


One of my FAVOURITE things about the STUDIO Sports Bra and Leggings are the minimal, elegant details like the logo placement and seams. LNDR have nailed what I consider a fresh twist on a classic design.

The racer back STUDIO Sports Bra strikes the perfect balance between form and function with a v-cut just deep enough to make it feel sexy, without compromising on support or coverage. I am a 34 D and the size small fits perfectly.

As much as I love the bra, the leggings are the real MVP of this set. They aren’t super high waisted, but the paneling and lines created with the seams are SO flattering. The STUDIO leggings are super soft, but hold you in/support you in all of the right areas without feeling too tight and compressive. (I am wearing a size small for reference)

I have already mentioned how much I love this colour, but I have to say, it looks even better in person than it does on the website!


If there was one thing I wish this set had, it would be a pocket on the side of the leg. There is a super useful pocket at the back of the waistband, which I have loved using for my credit card and rings when I train, but I do love a pocket for my phone. LNDR have other leggings with this pocket in the design, so it is something they do, it’s just not a feature on this particular set.

That said, I have yet to come across a pair of leggings that beat the STUDIO Leggings on skin feel, breathability and design.

Performance [Fit + Function]

Performance is really just the icing on the cake in this case.

The set fits like a glove, and the fabric stretches without showing through. The leggings aren’t just 100% squat proof, they’re also not going to sag in the knees or waistband as you wear them throughout the day or during a workout.

I would wear this set for everything from a HIIT workout to a yoga class. The fit and fabric make it extremely versatile, so both pieces are the kind of thing you can get your money out of.

Sizes range from XS to Large, which I know from some of the feedback you guys shared is an issue. I haven’t heard about LNDR’s plans to be more size inclusive moving forward, but I will definitely ask the question and let you know what I find. [update: LNDR are working on extending their range into XL and beyond. However, the development and testing phases take time and it’s a considerable financial investment for a small business. So, they’re launching each new size one at a time to gauge demand.]

Outfit #2: The LNDR AERO.01 Sports Bra & Limitless Legging

Quality [Fabric + Care]

I have been trying to decide which of the two sets I like best and I honestly don’t know. What I can say is that I am obsessed with the AERO.01 Sports Bra and BETTER THAN NAKED Limitless leggings.


Let’s start at the top and work our way down. The AERO.01 Sports Bra is beautifully seamless and ultra-supportive. The waistband is extra compressive to shape and support, but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling pinched or restricted.

In terms of skin-feel, however, the BETTER THAN NAKED Limitless Leggings are A GAME CHANGER. The fabric is described as ‘buttery soft’ on the website and that is NOT an exaggeration. It glides onto your skin and feels next to weightless on your body. Between the SOFT TOUCH and BETTER THAN NAKED collections, I’ll be hard pressed to find softer, more comfortable fabrics to wear against my skin.


I can sweat all day long in this set. The colour and fabric of the AERO.01 Sports Bra makes it uniquely adept at hiding even the heaviest sweat. The leggings feel amazing to train and sweat in because of how smooth and sweat-wicking the fabric is. Given how heavily I sweat, I was impressed with how quickly they dried. Similar to the STUDIO legging, there weren’t any residual sweat stains in the fabric after my session.


See above! There is no reason this set shouldn’t last years. You can tell when holding the fabrics in your hand that the quality is second to none. Wash on delicate, cold cycles with like-coloured workout clothes and hang-dry (ALWAYS) to preserve the life of your kit. No fabric softeners!

Design [Style + Innovation]

A sports bra you can wear for workouts or as a crop top out and about and leggings so mind-blowingly smooth you’d think they were sheer (surprise they’re squat proof) is my idea of a good time.


I don’t think I have ever looked better during a workout. Genuinely… I mean, I know it’s just my opinion, but I love everything about these pieces individually AND together.

First of all, I now firmly believe that everyone needs a grey sports bra in their arsenal. It goes with EVERYTHING and this one just happens to be stylish AF. As I said, I wore it around as a crop top with jeans and Birkenstocks and lived my best life that day. Does it or does it not make you feel extra good when you can invest in pieces that are so versatile they work double time for you?

The Limitless Leggings are, without a doubt, the most flattering leggings I own. I’m super appreciative of my bum, but in these leggings I hardly recognise it myself. Also, the waistband may be the single greatest feature of these leggings. I love that they are high rise, yet not too tight around the middle. The placement of the seams on the waistband strike the perfect balance between giving the waist shape without cutting an unflattering line across your bum.


From an innovation perspective, the BETTER THAN NAKED fabric is absolutely stand out. I haven’t come across anything else like it on the market. It’s a thing of beauty and I believe you really need to experience it for yourself to fully appreciate how special it is.

The zip pocket at the back of the waistband is again, incredibly convenient, but I still miss a good leg pocket. That would be my only point of feedback because this set has it all.

Also, how great are high-necked sports bras? I’m a huge fan.

Performance [Fit + Function]

I think I’m most excited to write this section because I actually have properly sweaty photos to use here.

I have put this set to the test more than a few times now and I can say with 100% confidence that this activewear does not budge, sag, droop, slip, bunch, etc. It was an actual JOY to workout in. I didn’t have to hike my leggings up between burpees or adjust the waistband to fix my camel toe mid workout. I didn’t have to worry about my boobs falling out of my top while doing mountain climbers.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to interrupt a circuit to fix a wardrobe malfunction. That is NOT AN ISSUE with this set.

I would wear this set for lifting, HIIT/Cardio workouts and any other sessions that are likely to be highly sweaty.

The sports bra comes in XS to XL and the leggings range from 6/8 to 8/8 in length with size options from XS to L.

Why I love LNDR // The Verdict

I take activewear really seriously and this is kit that lives up to the hype. LNDR’s fabrics have set a new standard in activewear. The SOFT TOUCH fabric is softer and silkier than anything I have trained in before, while still being incredibly supportive and shaping. The BETTER THAN NAKED fabric is exactly as the name suggests. For my fellow sweaty girls, I can’t say enough about how breathable and quick drying both fabrics are.

LNDR’s mission is to ‘create better quality products and less of them… design[ing] great products that last, in style and quality’. Killer kit that feels as great as it looks.

I can’t stress this enough… It 100% feels as great as it looks.

If you’re looking to invest in quality workout kit that you can wear from workouts to weekends out and about, look no further than LNDR.

I’m pleased to say I have converted and will be a fan of theirs for life. Plus, it was started by 3 badass women looking to turn their passion for health, style and people into a responsible, sustainable and successful brand.

Sign me up.

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